Finance Management

Finance Management Services

Finance management is part of what our Part Time FDs offer. It is a crucial aspect of any business looking to grow. It encompasses financial control, and managing, and monitoring of financial resources. It has a particular focus on building solid foundations and control processes.

What would finance management mean for a scale-up business?

Finance management for scale-up businesses, which are experiencing rapid growth and expansion, becomes even more vital. It provides a structured approach to handle the financial challenges and complexities that arise during this critical phase, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term success. 

You’ll see more about the support The Smart Team provides and  how its proper implementation can pave the way for a thriving scale-up business.


outsourced financial leadership

Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis

Drawing on our network of talented, skilled financial professionals we build the finance team that will best meet your requirements to ensure financial control and compliance and provide clarity on cashflow and focus on adding value.

Concise fact-based reports allow for better, more informed decision making and increase knowledge and understanding of what drives profit in your business and the critical success factors to achieve great profitability.

What’s in it for an owner-managed business:

  • Clarity and focus on the true financial position of the business
  • Make more informed decisions based on facts and financial scenarios
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the factors that drive profit and cash in your business
  • Cost effective way of obtaining senior resource within a small business
  • Reduce cost and time in hiring and managing a finance team
  • Commercial experience goes above compliance, adding value to the business in multiple ways, ultimately to grow and exit.



Project Management & Consultancy

You have access to a scalable and flexible finance team. The Smart Finance Team bring a range of commercial experience and skills including Finance Directors, Management Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisors and Finance Officers. 

Advantages to your business:
  • Tap into the right level of expertise for specific projects only when you need it!
  • Efficient and effective project delivery and management.
  • Introduction of new processes, reports and systems; the Smart Team have done it before and know the potential pitfalls and the route to take.
  • Deliver results on time and on budget.
  • Low disruption to day jobs – if you have in-house finance support they can concentre on their role and act as subject matter experts.
  • Commercial expertise and knowledge about what will have an impact on the business now, as well as long-term gains.

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