Non-Executive Directorship

Non-Executive Directorships

Sometimes referred to as independent or external directors, Non-Executive Directors (or NEDs) bring a fresh perspective to the wider business obstacles and opportunities. This means they can help a business think differently and identify ways to innovate.
An important feature of a successful businesses is their investment in diversity of thought and experience for their Board. A good NED will have a strong commercial background and, in a small, growing business, can act as an invaluable ‘sounding board’. A diverse leadership team supplemented by good non-executive directors will help you break through the barriers to scale up your business.



The Smart Team support ambitious businesses with Non-Executive Directorship service because we see them benefit from:

  • Impartial and independent advice – a fresh pair of eyes. Our NEDs are not afraid to say it as it is because they know the benefit of providing an impartial view, not tainted by internal or peer politics.
  • ‘Seeing the woods from the trees’. What do we mean? They take time to have a clear vision of the future of your business. The NEDs look forward without getting bogged down in the detail.
  • An unclouded perspective – their critical friend who can act as a sounding board and provide scenarios ‘what happens if…’. Playing the devil’s advocate, we all know can prove useful.
  • Flexibility – to draw on resources to fit – the right person for the task. Could be outsourced, that will benefit the business but keep them agile and lean.
  • Access to experience to help take the business on a more direct route avoiding mistakes the NED has learnt from their past.

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