Virtual Finance Team

Virtual Financial Team for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Virtual Finance Offices (VFO), are one of the most effective tools in the armoury of any small or medium sized business. We provide:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Credit Control
  • Cash Flow
  • Purchase and Sales Ledger
  • VAT preparation
  • Budgeting
  • Timely management accounts to support your decision making.

By outsourcing these business critical functions you can focus your efforts on growing your business.

Having up to date account management and financial information is critical for any business owner regardless of scale. By outsourcing your Finance Team to a trusted partner you are freed up to concentrate on your business and build a lean business model focussing on the specific skillsets unique to your business.


Virtual Financial Team from The Smart Team

The Smart Team has dedicated experts providing small and medium sized businesses with virtual financial services and outsourced bookkeeping services and support. We provide the service you need when you need it, flexibly. 

We know all our clients’ businesses are completely individual like the owners themselves; no two clients are the same and therefore the services we offer to each client are fully bespoke. We will work in partnership with you to build the right team based on your business requirements.

We can offer a fully outsourced finance and accounting service or just selected elements; with our highly skilled virtual finance professionals, the choice is yours. Using our fully flexible service enables our clients to have a dynamic business model without needing to employ inhouse finance professionals. Our Virtual Financial Services team can perform everything from bookkeeping and credit control to cash-flow and business budgeting.

Having up-to-date, well managed financial information is critical for sustainable business growth. By working with The Smart Teams’ Virtual Finance Team we can enable you to focus on the business itself, growing and building it with the best financial data and support. 


Bookkeeping & Compliance

Your numbers brought closer with a team of experts overseeing what’s coming in and what’s going out! Giving you a heads up and seeing the big picture as we provide a virtual inhouse finance team.

Benefits to you and your business:

  • Hassle free processing giving you more time to concentrate on running the business. We use Cloud technology (such as Xero) and involve you at critical points.
  • Sleep at night as you can have confidence compliance is taken care of – no penalties or late filing!
  • Trust in the knowledge that The Smart Finance Team will do a professional job and manage your cash well.
  • Good bookkeeping is the foundation of accurate financial information which leads to quality decision making and advice through the virtual FD.
  • Reduce the cost and headache of finding and managing a quality finance team.
  • Slick financial processes, the Smart way! The team introduce process efficiencies which in turn lead to cost efficiencies too.

All this means you can focus on leading and driving your business to success.

Designed specifically for your requirements, you only pay for what you need.

What Our Clients Say



How Virtual Financial Services works for your business.

The key to getting the best possible performance from your team is to have them doing what they do best – building your business.

The Smart Team know that businesses need flexibility as employing a full inhouse finance team of accountants and bookkeepers is neither affordable nor practical for most SME’s. However there is still the need for these services in order for your business to thrive.

Our Virtual Financial Services team can be as hands-on as you need within your business; so whether you need us to be your day-to-day back office finance team or just need us to provide intermittent bookkeeping and management accounting support, our team of specialists is able to provide you with exactly the services your business needs, making it not only practical but also affordable.

We work with SME’s across the UK, and with the professionals on our team coming from across the spectrum of industry we can help, whatever your business primary function.

The Virtual Financial Services team have experience with numerous different accounting packages; we can advise and set up the software and reporting tools that are most appropriate for your business. So whether you are starting a new business and don’t know which accounting software is best for you or if you are creating satellite offices and need to manage multiple locations – even globally – we can help.