Outsourced Financial Leadership from The Smart Team

Outsourced Financial Leadership from The Smart Team.

When we talk to businesses about outsourced financial leadership one of the most frequently garnered responses is; “But I already have an accountant, why do I also need a virtual finance director?” In short, outsourcing your finance leadership is like having a single point of accountability for growth strategy, funding, and cashflow management amongst other business critical functions.
Our proven commercial experience just cannot be matched by a
typical compliance firm of accountants.

In order to succeed a business needs strong and experienced financial leadership to deliver profitable growth. Access to the right management information, supported by efficient financial systems, will truly inform your strategy for future growth. And yet, employing a full time Finance Director and Finance Team is expensive, time consuming and often unrealistic for scale up and emerging businesses. The Smart Team was created to help exactly those sorts of businesses. 


smart team outsourced finance leadership
he smart team outsourced financial leadership



Non-Executive Directorships

Sometimes referred to as independent or external directors, Non-Executive Directors (or NEDs) bring a fresh perspective to the wider business obstacles and opportunities. This means they can help a business think differently and identify ways to innovate.
An important feature of a successful businesses is their investment in diversity of thought and experience for their Board. A good NED will have a strong commercial background and, in a small, growing business, can act as an invaluable ‘sounding board’ or ‘devil’s advocate’. A diverse leadership team supplemented by good non-executive directors will help you break through the barriers to scale up your business.

At The Smart Team we support ambitious businesses with our Non-Executive Directorship service. 

We view the role as that of a ‘critical friend’ and we build strong relationships with the Senior Leadership Team by offering constructive and robust challenge whilst also adding value and bringing a fresh perspective.

Financial Leadership

When you’re a small business looking to grow, managing your finances and cashflows to maximum effect is everything. You might not feel equipped with the right skills to do that but employing an experienced Finance Director is costly and can be risky if it doesn’t work out.
Using an outsourced finance leadership service such as The Smart Team gives you access to highly experienced Finance Directors and Finance Leaders who embed flexibly into your business without the longer -term commitment to a hefty salary bill. Outsourcing reduces your risk by keeping your business model lean and agile whilst, at the same time, giving you the wisdom and expertise of a commercially experienced FD who you can build a trusted relationship with.
With an outsourced, flexible FD on your team you get accurate financial information and support to enable more informed decision making supporting your strategy, direction and growth. In addition, your time is freed up from dealing with compliance and financial processing issues, giving you the freedom to concentrate on building your business. The Smart Team offer a tailored service to match your needs now and as your business changes. You only invest in what you need when you need it. Get in touch to arrange a free half hour discovery call using the form below.